As an author Edward tells his story of going from Broken to Healed.  He remembers the very place and time of thinking that this was the end of life, everything was going to change and it was going to be bad and he shares these most intimate thoughts and moments with his audience. He speaks very open and transparent about the last minutes of his wife as she was lying in a casket and his thoughts as she was leaving him.

He started to realize that this was not the end, but actually the beginning of his journey.   This was the beginning of him finally understanding his true purpose in life. It took Edward years to understand his calling; years of hurting, pain, loneliness, and confusion to understand that he was a broken man.  Edward talks about how he was broke spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically in every aspect of my life, during these difficult years everything that happened to him was one of the best things that could have ever happened to him during this time of his life.

He wrote a book for people with brokenness; A book for those that are not afraid to show their emotions and feelings, as well as for those who seek inspiration to learn how to openly show their emotions. A book for those that are stuck!

- Let Edward Help You Unlock Your Greatness -

The Journey of a Faith Walker - A Broken Man is about the man that has issues that he cannot handle by himself; he's hurt, lost and confused. This book is for someone that is willing to show emotions and vulnerable enough to seek and find help.

No More Chains is a book anthology of authors telling our stories of how we overcame and released the chains that were holding us hostage. We share how and when we decided to personally make a change in our own lives.