Loss, hurt, pain, self-doubt, anxiety... I understand the process of going from Broken to Healed. I was in your shoes – I had so many issues, I lost my job, my house, I felt isolated, depressed and my life was spiraling out of control because I had no answers!

On my journey, I lost it all, but during my comeback I regained so much more. I am a living testimony and I am dedicating my life to using my story, my journey and my trauma to help support you in doing the same.

Is your life in chaos? Are you trying to hide behind a smile – I can see you because I felt the same way that you are feeling right now!

You haven’t become the person that you are capable of becoming – Within you is a person waiting to emerge!

Let’s Discover the…


If you CHANGE your way of thinking, then you will CHANGE your way of life forever.

Edward E. Mosley Jr.

What DRIVES Edward

Why is he so passionate about what he does and the support he offers? His daughter made a profound statement to him during his time of chaos – She thanked him for not leaving; Edward found this to be very disturbing, but a reality that many face as most men would leave when things got tough, so he started his journey - To help people CHANGE their way of thinking – to unlock their greatness.

BOTTOM LINE – He wants to CHANGE the narrative!

Ready to make a CHANGE? Let Edward help support you on YOUR journey!

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Being in a place of completeness and fulfillment!

Discovering something that was lost.

Coming out of a world of darkness, pain and hurt!

Living life to the fullest – No regrets as Life is too Short!!

My son, was headed down the wrong path in life. He was getting in trouble at school, being suspended, eventually kicked out of school and sent to juvenile detention. I found a mentoring group that Edward Mosley was one of the main coaches and, once he became involved with my son and used his simple CHANGE Model, everything turned around. His one-on-one approach has set a positive road map that has been very successful. He is a god send and his techniques work.
I have worked with Coach Edward Mosley for many years and seeing the way he uses mentorship to coach, interact with, and inspire young men to become better has left me speechless. He is hands - on and gives simple and reachable goals that his clients can obtain. I have seen him go to schools, homes, courts and county meetings in order to support a young man, simply because he wants to make a difference.
My son Jacob was having a very hard time in school and life, but after researching the problem we later found out that the real reason that Jacob was acting this way was that he was being bullied at school. After discussing our issue with Edward Mosley and doing some one - on - o ne coaching, Jacob’s confidence increased, his grades increased and he became a better young man. His 6 - step process in his CHANGE Model completely works and it changed my family and son’s life.
I had just become the guardian of my niece from Michigan and the transition was very difficult under the circumstances. I knew that Edward was very involved with young men f or m any years but didn’t know what to do. No one seemed to be able to reach my niece. Edward was able to reach her at her level and after his coaching she has become a better young lady that is respectful. His simple technique works and without him I don’t know where my niece would be today.
Signed 'A Saved Life'
How did you know that I was about to commit suicide?  I have to say thank you bruh!! I don’t know why you bothered with me - I truly appreciate how much you cared;  Everyone else had faded back into their prospective lives. Many didn’t know that I had major issues, but unfortunately I did.  I thought I weak and not a strong man – I remember saying that I was out of liquor and it was time for me to start my drive back with all these winding roads much like my life -- BUT Edward saved my life.